Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glii or Flii?

I just picked up a new Wii from Nintendo today. First impressions? Well, rather than playing with it, I'm blogging about it - I suppose that should say something.

Rather than jumping into the games, of course, I did the geek thing and started installing system updates, entering wireless passwords, connecting to their store, linking my Ninteno account, and generally setting up shop. Their internet browser? Coming soon... News and Weather channels? Says I need to upgrade, then tells me I'm already up to date when I try. Maybe another day.

First stop after all that is to create a Mii - a tiny little avatar. Sadly, these little boogers have less personality than the much more enticing WeeMees. Oh well, they seem somehow linked to save files, so I'll make an ugly ol' version of me for now.

Next up, a little tennis maybe. After flailing around with the remote and a few rounds, time to calm down the dog, who seems to think I'm having a stroke. Overall impression... eh. The online stuff is so poor compared to my 360 it's not even funny. The account managment/security for multiple users, more or less nonexistant (and the parental locking is uber clumsy). To be clear, all I'm after is making sure my young 'uns don't accidentally nuke my files, charge my credit card, that sort of stuff. Handled slicker than a greased pig on the Xbox. Kludgy ick on the Wii.

Well, although it feels like I've stepped back a couple years in gaming rather than forward, I still have hopes for some of the first party Nintendo games. Next up will be Zelda. That is, if I don't just party on with the Xbox.


Rachel said...

cheer up...wii still love you!

(you know you can't blame me...who could resist that one...)

Adam said...

Wii fiil bad you didn't have a great Wii experiiince.

Maybii when they reliiase new games it will get better, but for now I guess you are stuck with convulsing Tennis matches...

Ah, still have non-booger avatars and Gears of War on the XBox Three Sixtii...

Sprig said...

I should count myself luckii -

"Nintendo execs have acknowledged media reports of uncoordinated gamers causing damage to televisions, furniture and even fellow players."