Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Choice = Confusion = Inaction

Well, I'll probably regret posting about the new iPod lineup before I've had a few days to let my thoughts sort out... but what the heck, this way it's fresh and real.

As my many, *cough*, readers know, I've been suffering with my Zune, aka the LBT, since my last iPod died, waiting for the announcement of a new iPod. So, I was sitting around with some coworkers, waiting to see what would be announced today, so I could get my replacement speeding towards me, appropriately engraved like all my others: "The Only Thing Missing is MusicIP".

The new Nanos... kinda stubby looking. Not too sure about those, but my Nano was recently replaced, and I only use it for the Nike Sport doo-dad anyways. The new Classics... nice, not much change, but a very pleasant 80GB/160GB size bump. Normally that would be enough right there, but we're all waiting for the iPhone sans phone. Sure enough, the iPod Touch shows up (am I the only one who can't stop calling this the iTouch?). But... only 8GB/16GB models. Richard was sure they were typo's, but alas, no zeroes showed up.

So... decisions, decisions. For a regular player, I needed a classic, to get enough songs for the variety that I like to carry with me. I'd already decided I like the smaller form factor when I got my 30GB model, so I'm going to stick with the 80GB over the 160GB - since the latter still won't hold my entire collection I don't think the space/cost is worth it to me. But I need to play with the "iTouch", right? I told myself I'd skip the iPhone and get a phoneless one when they came out, time to make good on my promise.

Ok, fine. Due to a recent windfall, I decided to get the 16GB iPhone touch as well. Hrmmm.... then Richard cleverly notices that this is the same price as the newly reduced iPhone. And with little convincing, I agree the Touch seems to make more sense as a fully networked device... I've been postponing getting my OQO connected, so I want to get something with a data plan still.

In the end, I canceled my order, and I think I need to ponder this one just a little bit more. If only the iPhone had a GPS, maybe that would push me over. In the meantime, I think I'm getting more convinced that the iPhone has a real future beyond novelty, as a real "always-on" utility. The iPod touch somehow seems to make that clear, providing significantly less value for the cutting edge gadget which looks like a Nano playing dress-up.

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