Monday, February 05, 2007

Fat Momma and Feedback

Ok, if this doesn't grant me credibility as a geek, nothing will.

Today I took the kids to meet a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO. No, not the fireman, policeman, or rescue worker type - the spandex wearing, villian spanking type.

While on vacation last year, we happened upon an episode of Who Wants To Be A Superhero. A reality show about, well, superheroes? To make a long story short, the winner was Feedback, a.k.a. Matthew Atherton. As winner, he's going to be featured in a comic book written by Stan Lee, and a made for TV show on Sci Fi Network. That's him up there on the right, with another contestant from the show, Fat Momma (whose power is growing up to five times her normal size, as long as she has a supply of donuts - hey, I'm not the one making this up...). You might recognize the goofy looking guy in the middle as well.

Feedback (Matthew) and Fat Momma (Nell) were doing signings and photos at a local comic shop - both Matthew and Nell were really nice, and they were raising money to help charities, so kudos to them on that. You can visit Feedback's official home page if you want to pretend to be as much of a geek as I am, or download audio episodes about the adventures of Feedback. He gets his powers from video games, so it's not totally off-topic for this blog, see?

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Some post notes - I actually wrote this on Saturday, but due to Blogger not supporting image uploads, I had to futz around with Flickr to get the bits in place. I hope I can move to a hosted Wordpress blog at some point in the future - no image uploading is just silly.