Friday, February 09, 2007

Wiireless Controllers... Now With Wires!

Ok, check this out. The thing in the middle is a wireless Xbox 360 controller. The thing on the right is a wireless Wii controller. The thing on the left is... a wired controller connected to the wireless controller. So Nintendo's next generation has created the innovaction of recreating the wired experience by having a wireless controller flopping around in your lap while you play a game. (I'm sure there's a patent in there somewhere.)

Really? Please tell me someone lost their job over this idiocy...

P.S. - the wired controller provides "normal" controls for the Wii, so you can play the retro downloable games with a real controller. See, the normal Wii controller drops those controls to force developers to be innovative. Unfortunately, the fine engineers at Nintendo managed to rig this so that even if a game has support for normal old-style controllers (Gamecube controllers), the "classic" controllers still need to be supported in the actual game software. So some titles might with with Gamecube controllers or classic controllers, but not vice versa. Head spinning yet?

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