Saturday, August 18, 2007

His days are numbered.

It's with heavy heart that I must report another iPod is on its last legs. This time, the item in question is a 30GB black iPod Video. The same one reported in an earlier post as having issues with some AAC files...

The symptoms include:

  • Occasional hangs
  • Sporadic skipping to the next track while playing songs
  • Intermittent crashes, requiring hard reboot - stat!

We had a false alarm today, as the iPod refused to do anything when plugged in for a recharge. After several attempts, the hard reboot finally took. But I can see, his days are numbered. Those wishing to pay their last respects should do so soon, before the patient expires completely.

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Sprig said...

Random diagnostic data:

PowerOn Hours: 217 (disk time, I think)
Start/Stops: 4254