Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Suddenly work doesn't feel like it"

So, I'm trying to open a document from a co-worker. It's a Pages document, so I figure no problem, and click on it.

Of course, I get a lovely error message:

You need a newer version of Pages to open this document.

Sigh... I'm sure this simple document isn't using any earth shattering new feature, but now I have to buy new software to read these files? It helpfully provides a link to the upgrade page, which reads:

The new iWork '08. Suddenly work doesn't feel like it.

Sure doesn't. Feels like I'm wasting time upgrading my software instead of getting work done.


Anonymous said...

Oh shoot. That means we'll all have to upgrade just to be compatible. Say it isnt so!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why pages even has its own file format to begin with. It'd save everyone from that extra import/export step from/to ms word. Or at least the open office format or something.

Sprig said...

Plain text!