Monday, November 26, 2007

First Experiences with the PlayStation Store

So, I read online in a few places that Sony had finally opened up their store to PC's. Up to now, if you wanted to buy online content for your PSP, you needed to own a PS3. Which I suppose was supposed to encourage people to buy PS3's, but just made this consumer more cranky.

Anyways, no small amount of Googling or search found the store... amazing how many articles say it's online, but provide no link. Well, here it is:

Creating an account was a rather long proces, more than a dozen steps, including a CAPTCHA/email loop halfway through. At least the opt-in to spam was disabled by default, and my gamer id from Xbox was available.

At the end, I was stuck with a "Thank you for registering" page, with nary a single link - retype the URL for you, my friend. Seriously, did they do any user testing?

Anyways, since I'm on a Mac, I expect a few extra difficulties, since their app is PC only, and Parallels is still allegedly a bit dodgy under Leopard. In any case, I can't seem to find any "must-have" downloads yet after all - the really good PSOne games I bought back when they were new, so I guess I'm looking for any hidden gems I missed back in the day, which are still reasonably playable on the PSP.

If you've played with the PlayStation Store, and have recommendations on what's worth buying, let me know in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Populous the Beginning.

The original god sim and still despite dated graphics and slightly hard controls a good game to play. Taking control of a Shaman and her tribe you set out to conquer the solar system and become a god, learning new magic for your Shaman and new buildings it's a cross between a god sim and an RTS.