Friday, November 30, 2007

WishBox: An Abundant Fable in Five Parts (3 of 5)

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Part 3: Recovering My Senses

About half way through my mandatory stay in the logosphere, I got lucky. Using some credits from an earlier job as a beta volunteer I was able to buy my way into a study on CuddlyBumps - the fuzzy little sheep heads were a big improvement over the sharp teethed rodent faces pushing fantasies for consumers of all ages.

My last two hours of state-mandated recovery were spent in a group focus session, the hospital beds arrayed in a circle around the floating holovids, as the medical instruments monitored our collective responses to the vids, and each other.

At the declared microsecond of freedom, my environment was transformed into my most recent profile, and I sank down into the overstuffed designer pillow, with opulent silk. Fragrant knick knacks were suddenly present on the conviently arranged bedstand besides me, and two-thirds of the walls were filled with the recent entertainment snips which I'd missed while incapacitated.

If it weren't for the occasional visit by the Hospital robotic staff, I wouldn't have known I wasn't at home. Well, I thought, home was really the WishBox, right?

Part 4

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