Friday, April 18, 2008

Amazon Love

Nothing breeds customer loyalty for me better than free money. I just got this delightful email from Amazon:

You are receiving this e-mail due to your purchase of an HD DVD player from before February 23, 2008. As you may know, manufacture of HD DVD players ceased February 23, 2008, and major studios in the U.S. have ceased production of HD DVDs. In recognition of this development, is providing all customers who purchased qualifying HD DVD players a credit for $50...

This certainly eases the pain of having bought one of the devices on the losing side of the format war (which may still turn out to have more than one loser...).

Kudos to you, Amazon.


Anonymous said...


You invented Scorched Earth, I loved that game. Thanks!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's good. HDDVD is the new Sony Betamax.

Anonymous said...

Wendell, I've tried to contact you for so long. Its great to see you with your blog here. I was a S.E. fan in the early 90's and some work friends and I got together and tried to make an "Unofficial Sequel" to Scorched Earth in C++. Its called Charred Dirt and its freeware. Took us 4 years to make doing it in our spare time. Would love it if you would give me your opinion of it, even if its, it sucks, take it down. Controls are identical to Scorch and its USB gamepad compatible.

http:\\ The Site My Email

Thanks, and keep on with the awesome programming. You're my hero!

This is a duplicate post because I was a moron and replied to an old blog entry of yours. Many apologies. Just ignore the other one.