Monday, April 14, 2008

Official Scorched Earth T-Shirts

Thanks to the mad design skills of my friend Richard, I'm happy to introduce the first ever Official Scorched Earth T-Shirt.

Echoing a popular sentiment, this all-black classic features an exploding funky bomb and the slacker slogan

I wasted my education playing Scorched Earth

(also available in military green, naturally)

This shirt is now available at the Official Scorched Earth Cafe Press Store. If you have ideas for shirts you'd like to see, let me know in the comments. We have a few other ideas, but we'd like to know what you want to wear.

P.S. As an official Scorched Earth product, you are hereby absolved from any guilt of having never registered your copy of Scorch, once you buy a shirt. Doesn't that make you feel better? :^)


jacob said...

hey i found your name on wikipedia. i have been looking for the scorched earth game, and i can't get it anywhere. can you get me one somehow?

Wendell Hicken said...

You can download it here:

(There's a buy button as well, but that's totally optional.)

Clay said...

Hickster, I have to say, thank you very much for keeping an entire generation of young ocd x86'ers up all night. Got your first version on some Limelight shareware cd alongside such hits as Jewels and some sleazy cyberdating game. Thank you for creating a slice of childhood bliss. Damn shame that Worms is the best that the world has to offer since then.

jrronimo said...

So if this absolves us all for never regeristring our copies of Scorch, does this mean we get valid keys for 1.5 with every order? :)

Wendell Hicken said...

Add a comment with your order, and I'll gladly send you a key.