Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How Much Do I Love Chocolate?

How much indeed. Tune in here to find out:

(For the full scoop, check out Richard's blog post documenting the event.)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The iPhone Anti-Rant

Ok, going with the good advice of Richard, I resolved my dilemma in favor of an iPhone.

If I had written this post in the first couple hours of using it, I might have been able to come up with a rant on the various things that bugged me, didn't work quite right, or were just a nuisance. However, I can't bring myself to do that right now - I just love this darn thing too much!!

Sure, it's got warts aplenty, but I couldn't care less as I'm checking traffic, scanning reviews at the store, texting friends, responding to email, confirming validation emails on-the-fly, and listening to tunes. I'm sure I'll get past the initial honeymoon phase eventually, but right now, I'm going to sit back with my rose-colored shades and enjoy.

Note to Microsoft: Use Your Own Stuff

Whatever happened to Microsoft Passport? The "create one account and use it anywhere" idea...

I just saw a forum post on an MSN site I wanted to reply to - it wanted a login first, but didn't accept my MS Passport account, made me create a new one. And then after I posted, it made me create yet another account to sign up for MSN alerts (to get email if someone replies to my reply). Really? Sigh...

Not only did they not use their existing unified account scheme, they compounded the stupidity by using two separate account systems for a single (to the user) action... this reminds me of some recent frustrations with GoDaddy...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Choice = Confusion = Inaction

Well, I'll probably regret posting about the new iPod lineup before I've had a few days to let my thoughts sort out... but what the heck, this way it's fresh and real.

As my many, *cough*, readers know, I've been suffering with my Zune, aka the LBT, since my last iPod died, waiting for the announcement of a new iPod. So, I was sitting around with some coworkers, waiting to see what would be announced today, so I could get my replacement speeding towards me, appropriately engraved like all my others: "The Only Thing Missing is MusicIP".

The new Nanos... kinda stubby looking. Not too sure about those, but my Nano was recently replaced, and I only use it for the Nike Sport doo-dad anyways. The new Classics... nice, not much change, but a very pleasant 80GB/160GB size bump. Normally that would be enough right there, but we're all waiting for the iPhone sans phone. Sure enough, the iPod Touch shows up (am I the only one who can't stop calling this the iTouch?). But... only 8GB/16GB models. Richard was sure they were typo's, but alas, no zeroes showed up.

So... decisions, decisions. For a regular player, I needed a classic, to get enough songs for the variety that I like to carry with me. I'd already decided I like the smaller form factor when I got my 30GB model, so I'm going to stick with the 80GB over the 160GB - since the latter still won't hold my entire collection I don't think the space/cost is worth it to me. But I need to play with the "iTouch", right? I told myself I'd skip the iPhone and get a phoneless one when they came out, time to make good on my promise.

Ok, fine. Due to a recent windfall, I decided to get the 16GB iPhone touch as well. Hrmmm.... then Richard cleverly notices that this is the same price as the newly reduced iPhone. And with little convincing, I agree the Touch seems to make more sense as a fully networked device... I've been postponing getting my OQO connected, so I want to get something with a data plan still.

In the end, I canceled my order, and I think I need to ponder this one just a little bit more. If only the iPhone had a GPS, maybe that would push me over. In the meantime, I think I'm getting more convinced that the iPhone has a real future beyond novelty, as a real "always-on" utility. The iPod touch somehow seems to make that clear, providing significantly less value for the cutting edge gadget which looks like a Nano playing dress-up.