Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cleaning The Garage

So, my next big project is cleaning the garage. I've got so much stuff out there accumulated over twenty years that it's just time to make most of it go away. While some of it will just get thrown away or given away, I'm hoping to recover at least a small amount of money for some of the stuff, particularly a few collectible items.

After poking around the various options, here's my current plan:

  • Amazon
    I've set up an Amazon Storefront. This will be used to sell books, CDs, and DVDs which have moderate resale value. Anything I post will be the lowest value used item currently available when I post it, or it gets moved into one of my other "liquidation" piles.
  • eBay
    I'll be using eBay to sell some more notable collectible items, like an original Thunderhawk model in the custom hardwood case. Also, if I can make bundles of items, like my set of L5R miniatures and rulebooks, those will go up on eBay as well. More on those as they show up.
  • BoardGameGeek
    BoardGameGeek specializes in board games. I'm going to remove the part of my collection I never use, and hopefully trade for some games that I do want. Probably a 2-for-1 sort of deal, 2 of my games for 1 that I want, to help the inventory move faster. Click here for my current trade list. I'll be adding more to this list soon.
  • ComicBookRealm
    ComicBookRealm is where I track my comic books. I'm hoping to liquidate a couple thousand back issues. Click here for my sell list. Prices aren't really set there yet - if you're interested, assume half off list price, and make an offer if you want to pay less.

Anything that falls through the above filters will turn into garage sale fodder, or donations.

Got any useful experiences trading or selling stuff online? Leave them in the comments. I'll post updates on any experiences if people are interested.