Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whicken's Greatest Hits

From time to time, I check Google Analytics for the blog here. It's not too exciting, typically sitting around 20 visitors per day.

Although there aren't tons of posts here to wade through, there are a few posts which do attract the lion's share of traffic. Under the assumption that those are the subjects people are most interested in hearing about, I will dedicate the next several posts to further exploration of what I call my Greatest Hits.

Which is appropriate, since one of the most popular blog posts I've ever done was actually over on the Hear Here blog, back in December of 2006. This post covers the top 100 Christmas songs. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, traffic starts going up for this page - getting stronger and stronger until December 24th. On the 26th of December, the traffic goes back to zero.

In 2006, that page got 355 hits.
In 2007, that page got 4,095 hits.
In 2008, that page got 6,669 hits.

On this blog, the most similar item comes in ranked at number 7, my Valentine's Day playlist from Feb 2006. Although not nearly as popular, it does get a small spike every February (and here's a hint - don't play it for your Valentine's sweetheart unless you're breaking up).

So, what are the other Greatest Hits for Whicken's Blog? Stay tuned and find out. And just maybe I'll create some new favorites...