Monday, October 24, 2011

And This Is Number Three

PCWorld rates Scorched Earth the #3 MSDOS game of all time. While I'm justly flattered, I think there's some pretty stiff competition in that list.

10 Greatest MSDOS Games of All Time


Anonymous said...

Scorched Earth thoroughly deserves that position at least. Many (countless) hours were spent playing that game in the early 1990s. Well done on that awesome classic.

ankiepat said...

Greetings! I first want to thank you for sharing this wonderful game with all of us back in the days of shareware. Nearly countless hours throughout 1993 and 1994 were spent playing Scorched Earth and I have many fond memories of friends & siblings duking it out on this "The Mother of All Games"!

As for the t-shirt found on your website at the link: is it possible to submit a .jpg image of a screen capture from the game and have a t-shirt custom made from the picture? If this is possible for an additional fee please let me know. Again, many, many thanks to you for sharing such a tremendous experience as Scorched Earth has been with all of us.

Unknown said...

If you have a screenshot you want on a t-shirt, you can email it to me via Gmail. Let me know what sort of shirt you want it on, and I can put it up on Cafepress.