Monday, February 13, 2006

Live from Bleezer

This post is coming to you from the free blog posting tool Bleezer by Larry Borsato. It's written in Java, so you can run it on Windows/Mac/Linux. We'll see how this works. One nice thing is builtiin tagging support (hopefully you'll see the links somewhere in this post - any more importantly, so will Technorati).


Powered by Bleezer


Sprig said...

No bad, so far so good.

Adam Bullied said...

I am trying out Performancing right now. Let me say -- awesome.

I tried to use Bleezer as well, and I didn't mind it. However, this FireFox plug-in is just so simple.

MSFT has a lot of ground to gain with IE 7. FireFox has all of these great, open-source, community-driven plug-ins helping to build its popularity. Performancing is a great example.

Sprig said...

I'll have to check out Performance when I get a chance. Most (pretty much all) of my blogging happens on my PowerBook, though, where I sit inside Safari most of the time. Although I've been meaning to take a good look at Camino, which might sway be back to a Firefox based browser for most of my browsing.

For my 10 cents, the coolest Firefox extension is Greasemonkey.

Adam Bullied said...

Camino is awesome -- I always used that before FireFox came out...when it was heavy on memory (a la Mozilla). I think it was called Phoenix back then.

FireFox is pretty solid. I use that exclusively on my WinPC, but I'm still pretty much all Safari on MacOS.