Friday, February 17, 2006

Treating (Ex)Customers Like Crap

Here's an excerpt from an actual piece of mail I received regarding Time magazine. We had a subscription sometime last year, and decided not to renew it (personally, I prefer The Economist). It's been many months since we let the subscription go. So, we get a piece of mail labelled "FINAL NOTICE", looking like something you'd get hand delivered by a beefy Italian named Guido.
URGENT NOTICE: FOR WHICKEN Your renewal instructions are past due. Your delivery contract has been suspended until we receive your authorization to continue. Detach the Re-order form and return at once with your remittance.
Sorry, Guido, I don't want to renew ok? Please don't break my knees.


Adam said...

I am getting this from PKZIP, too. First, they let me un-install from add/remove programs...pretty standard. I re-boot to clear any garbage off my machine, and what do I see when I get back into Windows? Oh, that's right. PKZIP, starting up again. So I get annoyed, go back to add / remove programs, but no PKZIP. Oops.

Now I get a message because the trial I used for 2 days can't be uninstalled, and they keep telling me, "Please purchase the ORIGINAL Windows ZIP application - for 20% off!".

I don't care how original, or how much I will be discounted, I won't buy due to these annoying and shady tactics....

I suppose print / digital / whatever, doesn't matter. Sometimes you get succinct ex-customer treatment, and sometimes you get prolonged, unnecessary communication.

Sprig said...

That's seriously ugly. Time to hack the registry...

That reminds me of the antivirus software on my Windows machine. The subscription has expired, so no new updates. Instead, I get a "You need to renew" dialog, with three options, "Now", "Remind me in 1 day", and "Remind me in 15 days".

Notice the lack of a "Don't remind me, I get it" option.

So I either have to renew, uninstall, or live with the nag boxes. (This particular machine isn't really used anymore, and is locked pretty well behind a firewall, hence I'm not in the mood to update the subscription. One of these days I'll break down an uninstall the stupid thing.)